Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Infographic: Imagine Google Glass in 2015

Imagine Google with Google Glass

Google Glass is not just a new product that Google gives to the world to take pictures more easily or to navigate a city hands free. 

It is the product that Google has been working towards, one step at a time. By combining all their services (Google+, Google Calendar, - Now, -Weather, -Tasks, -Talk, -Maps, -Search, YouTube ...) Google Glass will be the next step in the consumer driven mobile revolution.

Google+ is not just an alternative, searchable copy of Facebook - or the replacement of the Yellow Pages - but it will be one of the engines behind Google Glass. Google Now (including Google Goggles), together with the new Google+ makes up the interface of the next phase of the internet and the next step in the digitization of our daily lives: Augmented Reality.

Imagine that everything you can do today with a smartphone or tablet, soon you’ll be able to do with Google Glass. Some examples:

  • Faster first aid,
  • Education and knowledge more accessible to all,
  • Automatically scanning of QR codes,
  • New opportunities for both old and new (social) media,
  • Publishing on the Internet via voice control,
  • The operation of household appliances and multimedia,
  • Never having to look away to read a screen or to operate it
  • ...
All functionalities of a smartphone, but much easier to use and safer via voice control.

Date (v2): January 8, 2014 | Author & Designer +Ivan Jans

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