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Ivan Jans was born on June 22, 1973 in Hasselt , the first child of young parents Myriam Vanderstraeten and Bert Jans . 13 Years later the family was complete with his brother Emil Jans . While Myriam chose healthcare Bert was already a programmer at the end 70s to the 80s to continue as a representative in the IT sector . Along with two former colleagues, he started a software company that would grow to 25 employees and over 100 customers . Now both parents are successful self-employed and still active in the health and IT sectors .

Ivan grew up in the beautiful Lanaken (2 km from Maastricht), where he obtained. He finished his education economics and mathematics at the Sacred Heart College. After some time working at Ford Genk, he started the program "Desktop Publishing” where he was finally able to work with a computer.

Until 1996, Ivan has deepened in the world of news and media . However, it was when he started at Grensland Media under the experienced wings of Armand Vliegen where he could express himself in the international advertising World, both commercially and creatively. It was here that he discovered the endless possibilities of the Internet .

The next few years were dominated by sales, marketing , communication, advertising and music until he moved in 1999 to the IT sector in the company of his father Project Systems. There he took the role of Communications Manager in to give color to the 'gray' software, and he took the initiative to design , both functionally and in terms of design the CRM software from scratch

In 2000, Ivan was trained ' Webdesign Microsoft FrontPage2000 ' in Brussels and Project Systems immediately got a new website, after which he was also employed for various other web projects. Following the acquisition of Project Systems by illionX from Amsterdam, he was also involved internationally as a web designer and communications specialist .

In 2005 he decided to focus on the advertising and media world at the company Skondras Sales & Marketing. There he could again combinate the commercial with the creative spirit and went back to work with the computer. That same year he also started an independent secondary occupation as a web designer .

The acquisition of Blogger in 2003 , the launches of Gmail and Google Maps in 2004 , the acquisition of Picasa in 2005 , the launch of Google Calendar , Google Analytics , and the acquisition of YouTube in 2006. These were the signals for Ivan to focus entirely on the search engine Google , which clearly had chosen for a new strategy. Instead of waiting for searchable content from existing websites and updates, Google started launching free services that allows easy text, photos and videos publishing/uploading on the internet

The search engine Google is now assured of timely and good results so that the user will have no reason to change. This is in the year 2014 also the most viewed and most successful advertising medium worldwide (ever) and thus earning modell number 1.

Since then Ivan integrates Google services in his Internet projects and websites. Why make content searchable for Google in a selfmade content management system, if you can put it immediately in Google itself by publishing on You Tube, Blogger, Picasa, Calendar & Maps and then can integrate it back into a website? This creates for the customers also several search results from multiple web locations instead of only from one website .

Since 2011 Ivan stands on its own feet, and he has his Google strategy translated into his own business 'UP-TO-DATE Web Design' where he now applies this to his customers on a daily base.

He also provides advice to various media groups and gives seminars on request.

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