My thanks especially goes out to my girlfriend Gypsy Villaseran, brother Emiel Jans, mother Myriam Vanderstraeten, father Bert Jans, daughter Angelique Jans and stepson Gerwyn Holste for the necessary motivation, wisdom, inspiration, and unconditional support.

My friends Geert Martens, Wim Houben, Christiaan van Mieghem, Riccardo Polese, Bert Nijssen, Mark curvers & Veerle Sandhövel, Markus Diebolder, Stephan Krug, Randy Grotenbregh, Ronny Geurts & Mieke di Costanzo I would like to thank for their listening ear, the many discussions their positive comments and constructive ideas over the years.

A word of thanks to my cousin Wouter Corstjens and Lien Claes for the English translation of this story for the website through which it can be made known all over the world.

One big thank you to the members and the audience of the band, Grensgeval thanks to whom I can escape the internet weekly and indulge myself in music.

Thanks to my many former colleagues, employers and clients at Dakplan, MAI Computers, Sappi, Mora, Ford, Hörmann, Atlas Copco, Grenslandmedia, Wegener Newspaper Group, Project Systems, Ilionx, Skondras Sales & Marketing, Concentra, Roularta, Open VLD Lanaken , Straight Communications, CityFashion and many clients, business associates, or readers for sharing their knowledge, experiences and pleasant cooperation.

I certainly would like to thank my clients, business associates, locations and family for their understanding, patience and willing cooperation during the photo shoots including:
  • De Grensgevallen (Limburg)
  • Euroregion Marketing (Armand Fly)
  • 4cpm (Jacky Jackmaert)
  • Open VLD Lanaken (Mark curvers)
  • City of New York (USA)
  • Atomium (Brussels)
  • Ristorante Sapori di Giu (Genk)
  • Esso Tollenaers (Lanaken)
  • Boetiek Pexsters (Daisy & Katty Pexsters) Wellen
  • Fjord Design & Kids (Willy Coninckx & Arlette Cauwenbergh) Hasselt
  • City of Brussels (EU)
  • Oud-Rekem (Most beautiful town of Flanders)
  • Le Chapeau, Bridal and party Fashion (Dieter Vanlooveren) Antwerp
  • De Efteling (Kaatsheuvel)
  • Hotel Pietersheim (Rik Bijnens) Lanaken
  • Domein Pietersheim (Lanaken)
  • Municipality of Lanaken (Belgium)
  • Albert Heijn (Maastricht)
  • Straight Communications (Christiaan Van Mieghem) Lanaken
  • Maarten de Ceulaer (Designer) Brussels
  • Euroscoop (Lanaken)
  • The city of Paris (EU)
  • Municipality Bilzen (Belgium)
  • The city of Ostend (Belgium)
  • King Baudouin Stadium (Brussels)
  • Louvre Museum (Paris)
  • Bastiaens Renault Garage (Lanaken)
  • Het Gazetje (Guido Coenegrachts) Riemst
  • Municipality of Zutendaal (Belgium)
  • Baseliek of Tongeren (Tongres)
  • Skondras Sales & Marketing (Stijn Skondras) Hasselt
  • The city of Liège (Belgium)
  • Brussels Airport (Zaventem)
  • Saint-Marie-de-la-Mère (France)
  • Fitness Ann (Lanaken) especially Niki Caubergh
  • Municipality of Riemst (Belgium)
  • Domenikaner Church (Maastricht)
  • Kreatos (Lanaken)
  • Hollywood Boulevard (Hasselt)
  • Martelarenplein (Brussels)
  • Vatican Museum (Rome)
  • Verfland (Belgium & Holland)
  • Wallstreet (New York)
  • Google (Google Glass)
  • Haspenhoeve (Leen Vanwetswinkel & Robin) Herstappe
  • Pueblos Español  (Barcelona)
  • De Jaycees (JCI Belgium & JCI International)
  • De Brouwerij (Veerle Sandhövel, Mark Curvers & Paulissen) Lanaken
  • Le Visage (Caroline Rigo) Hasselt
  • Style and True Colors (Palmira Proietti)
  • De Lijn (Gobo Lanaken)
  • Domein Alden Biezen (Bilzen)
  • Central Station (Brussels)
  • BNP Paribas (Tongeren)
  • Kathedraal van Antwerpen (Antwerp)
  • City of Füssen (Germany)
  • Central Park (New York)
  • Tourist Information Office (Maastricht)
  • Sjinkerij De Bòbbel (Maastricht)
  • Dom des Invalides (Paris)
  • Marres Interieur (Peter Marres) Lanaken
  • Bowling Van Brunswyck (Maastricht)
  • Eurotel (Lanaken)
  • Ambicare (Lanaken)

And last but not least, a special thanks to Google for their innovative solutions to share all information worldwide via the internet and to create new opportunities for everyone. "You can make money without doing evil."

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