The first time I saw a demonstration of Google Glass was in April 2012. The product that promises to narrow the gap between people and technology even further. "A technology that is there when you need it, and does not limit you when you don’t need it."

After I had watched the video for the 20th time, I had a look at the comments on this video and was surprised by the many negative comments such as: "Why wear a webcam on my head?!” or "There goes our privacy!" and earlier this year "Too dangerous in traffic".

Don’t they understand what this will mean? This is not just a new product that Google is sharing with the world to take pictures more easily or to navigate a city hands-free. It is the product that Google has been working towards, one step at a time. By combining all their services (Google+, Google Calendar, - Now, - Weather - Tasks, Talk, Maps, - Search, YouTube ...) Google Glass will be the next step in the consumer driven mobile revolution.

I realized that Google+ is not just an alternative, searchable copy of Facebook - or the replacement of the Yellow Pages - but that this will be the engine behind Google Glass. Google (including Google Goggles), together with the new Google+ makes up the interface of the next phase of the internet and the next step in the digitization of our daily lives: Augmented Reality.

Imagine everything that you can do today with a smartphone or tablet, soon you’ll be able to do with Google Glass. There will be no more using a smartphone, which you're constantly looking for. It will be hands-free and no longer having to stop what you're doing. All functionalities of a smartphone, but much easier to use and safer via voice control. Some examples:
  • Faster first aid,
  • Education and knowledge more accessible to all,
  • Automatically scanning of QR codes,
  • New opportunities for both old, and social media,
  • Publishing on the Internet via voice control,
  • The operation of household appliances and multimedia,
  • Never having to look away to read a screen or to operate it ...

At the end of 2012, I came to the conclusion that my own acquaintances and business relations could not grasp what the impact of Google Glass and Augmented Reality in our daily and business lives will be. So I began to think of some examples drawing on my experience in the software and advertising world and worked them out graphically, to help them understand this product more clearly.
A picture is worth a thousand words - After a few days of brainstorming in early 2013, I came up with approximately 170 applications for Google Glass of which I now have developed and published the first 123 ideas both graphically as well as textually on the website www.imagine-life-with-Google-Glass.blogspot.com.

Do you wish to receive updates with pictures and explanation by e-mail? Sign up via the website and receive the FREE BOOK "IMAGINE LIFE WITH GOOGLE GLASS" (link to downloadable digital version in PDF format).

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