Friday, April 25, 2014

Google+ the new provider for smaller websites thanks to Google Glass

History seems to be repeating. Outdated websites cannot keep up with the new trends (mobile internet, social media, augmented reality), are rarely or never found with Google and are in dire need of replacement. A Google+ Page might be a viable alternative for most (smaller) websites. 

In the 90s, most software companies developed their own software, often tailored to a customer, and in all kinds of old and new generation of programming languages.

After the bursting of the "Internet bubble", the 'millennium bug', the introduction of the euro and the war in Iraq, a lot of those software companies have gone belly up or were swallowed up by large organizations. As a result, a lot of software can no longer be supported or updated.

Since then, most companies opt for standard packages of common programming languages which can be customized per module and for which there are sufficient alternative programmers from various IT companies.

In the upcoming years, the same is likely to happen on the internet where the majority of websites are customized.
  • How many websites are currently not equipped with a mobile version simply because a new website needs to be created and paid for? 
  • How many websites can currently not be viewed with an iPad because they are made in Flash? 
  • How few websites are currently being updated monthly because the CMS system is too complicated and time consuming?  
  • How many websites are hardly ever or never found by Google because of outdated technology? 
  • On how many websites the answer sheets no longer work because of outdated codes? 
  • How many websites have not changed for many years because the web designer has disappeared, the company no longer exists or the webmaster has moved to another employer? 
  • And how many websites will there be viewed and operated by Google Glass and augmented reality? 

A successful introduction of Google Glass could very well have a real shockwave effect on the internet and this would result in a lot more work for designers. When a website and its content are badly or not accessible with this new technology, they will be visited less and less. The speed of this evolution obviously depends on how quickly Google Glass will become established. The smartphones have only really gained momentum after the launch of the iPhone 3. Worldwide, there are currently more people using mobile internet than via a desktop or laptop.

With Google Glass you will really discover the true nature of Google+: A convenient and safe way to publish content on the Internet that:
  • Can be shared with Google+ Followers 
  • Can be shared with all other social media via Google Blogger 
  • Can be found via Google 
  • Can be used with Google and Glass 
  • Can be viewed with a desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet and Google Glass. 

So when you are looking for a real alternative to a (smaller) website, many will opt for a FREE Google+ Page, possibly in combination with a FREE blog.

A Google+ Page already has the necessary ingredients to act as replacement to the old (smaller) website. You can store all data and content that is necessary for a good web presentation: 
  • Contact details (cell number & email verified) 
  • Address (verified and included in Google+ Local) 
  • Opening hours (included in Google+ Local) 
  • About us (introduction story) 
  • Supply & commercial purpose (limited) 
  • Links to favorite topics & social media 
  • Photo albums (supply, collections, services, references) 
  • Videos (commercials, presentations, events, references ...) 
  • Guest book (now reviews). 

And much more
  • Possibility of multiple authors & managers 
  • Possibility to follow (each update will be shared) 
  • Possibility to invite followers to an Event. 
  • Possibility to schedule online presentations or meetings and inviting your followers via Google+ Hangouts 
  • Possibility to communicate online with visitors via Google+ Hangouts 
  • Possibility to divide followers into groups (Google+ Circles) 
  • With each Publication you have to decide which groups get to see the contents and which don’t. With the added advantages 
  • Uniformity of Google (e.g. also integration with Google Maps) 
  • The safety of Google (Google Account Manager) 
  • The user‐friendly approach of Google (you can update it yourself) 
  • Continuity of Google (always up‐to‐date with the latest technologies and devices) 
  • All content can be consulted and be translated into 60 languages 
  • There will be plenty of Google+ users, professionals and trainings available when you need them. 

We must realize that Google+ is still at its infancy. Google+ has only been online since September 2011 and since January 2013 it is the 2nd largest 'social' network worldwide with over 500 million users, of which 235 million are monthly active.

That Google+ is only seen as merely a competitor of Facebook is a serious misconception. 85% of all visitors find their way to my client’s websites via Google and only 10% through social media. People have fun on Facebook and respond to some Fan page promotions, but when they really need something they still search via Google...

Google+ will become the new FREE content provider for the Internet where all texts, photos, videos, news, collections, attachments, comments, reviews, ratings ... can be published via user‐friendly FREE apps can be published via desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet ... and Google Glass.

For example, the creative and financial efforts will actually shift from technology to content which can also be shared with other social media thanks to the unified approach.

Now that a lot of money can be saved, because Google+ is completely free, there will probably be more budget available for Google AdWords.

+Ivan Jans
Web Designer & Google Expert

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