Friday, June 21, 2013

Ask a question and receive an answer immediately from Google Glass

Imagine that you can ask Google Glass anything and presented with an immediate answer or multiple answers.

Google is the most used search engine worldwide, with 2,000,000 searches performed per minute (according to Intel). So there are now 2.88 billion general questions answered, needs translated, routes, instructions and solutions shown by Google.

Since the introduction of Google Now in the summer of 2012 it is possible to ask Google personal questions. You do need to plan your appointments and tasks in Google Calendar, receive emails via Gmail, maintain your contacts via Google Contacts and keep your Google + profile up to date.

You should see Google Now as your personal assistant (secretary) who will
  • show you proactively (personal) responses:
  • show you an alternative route when there is a traffic jam on your route to your next appointment,
  • send a timely reminder for your next appointment,
  • tell you about the weather on your next location,
  • remind you automatically of the birthday of one of your Google+ friends
  •  ...

In short, Google Now was developed for Google Glass.

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