Friday, June 21, 2013

Facial recognition of celebrities with Google Glass and Google+

Imagine that you can recognize famous people with Google Glass whether you come across them accidentally or planned.

This happened to us on Times Square (NY) in 2011 with the world famous actor Hugh Jackman who suddenly stepped out of a car and was followed by a string of photographers and a lot of tourists who couldn’t believe their eyes and wanted to take a picture quickly.

When my girlfriend and I finally realized what was going on and who he was I could take a few snapshots before he was gone again.

It took a me a couple of seconds before I recounted the movies I had seen him in and was sorry that I could not share it with my friends on Facebook right away because the photos were taken with a separate digital camera.

This could become a new form of 'signature hunting’: both the signature as well as photo and/or video of the meeting can immediately be shared with your friends via Google Glass. The celebrity’s picture can be tagged and as a result appear automatically on his or her fan page.


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