Friday, June 21, 2013

Growth Projections of trees and plants with Google Glass

Imagine that you can estimate the growth per plant or per tree in your garden, in your living room, in a park or along a public road with Google Glass

  • both in height and in width,
  • both above ground and underground
  • and that per year, per season and even per month.
So you not only get a virtual image of how trees and plants will relate to each other proportion wise, in the space provided, but also the positive and negative effects on shade, falling of the leaves, water absorption and the roots.

This way you can already take the following into account when planting:

  • underground and overhead lines and cables,
  • the distance in relation to a house, road or to each other.
  • You will get a forecasting and planning of the the necessary labor and cost to maintain everything
  • the possibility to schedule it into your online calendar
  • or to timely book a gardener with detailed job responsibilities. 

For example, e.g. public services can do even better preventive work to avoid road damage caused by roots or people getting injured by falling branches.

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