Friday, June 21, 2013

Logo recognition of brands with Google Glass

Imagine that you can visually recognize the logos of all brands immediately with Google Glass. A logo is clear-cut data that can be identified and compared with the existing brand logos on the pages of Google+.
Ever since the integration of Google Goggles, scanning and recognizing a logo is already possible with Google Now.

When you’re searching for a logo via Google Images and you click on "similar images", you see the recognition software already in operation.

After positive identification of the logo, Google Glass offers:

  • A bit of explanation about the brand,
  • The option to 'like' the brand or to follow it through your Google+ Circles,
  • Shows you the latest news about the brand immediately via Google News,
  • Or you will be connected immediately to the brand page on Google+ where you can discover all new products, promotions and commercials.
That is how Google Glass will have far-reaching implications for the advertising and sponsorship world:

  • Ads in traditional media such as newspapers, with a clear logo suddenly get a lot more response options
  • Free hip t-shirts of 'cool' brands or artists with a clear logo are a gateway to more explanation, images, videos, music, tickets, offers, activities, ...
  • Sports sponsorship will suddenly get a lot more opportunities for direct contact or sale, 
  • You will be able to keep up with the latest models of your favorite car brands by looking at the logo on a car or in a magazine with Google Glass
  • Also clear logos or banners on a website or app will be a link to many more opportunities
  • Car commercials will start rising in popularity again
The result of this new development is that in the coming years in all forms of advertising more emphasis will be put on a clearly 'identifiable' and less on the message. You will still need to go with a catchy slogan and / or an attractive picture to get attention, but address, opening hours, benefits, promotions will not necessarily have to be mentioned.

Thanks to Google Glass, we will be able to measure and locate with ability to recognize next to the 'search behavior' and 'click stream' it with Google Analytics.

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