Friday, June 21, 2013

Online shopping in the store with Google Glass

Imagine that you can recognize a product in the store with Google Glass (by scanning the QR or barcode) and all product information will be shown, such as the promotion price, price, size, stock, possibly the delivery period and the possibility to order and pay online with Google Glass.

Shops can focus on this and change into “watch shops” with e.g. only one size per garment (already seen in Amsterdam and New York) which will make it possible

  • to have more supply available to offer in one room, 
  • to deliver directly from a warehouse and / or by the supplier
  • to decrease the number of staff in the store,
  • to focus on the shopping experience and perception of the customer (customer loyalty),
  • for clients to avoid dragging full shopping bags through the streets.

Ever since the integration of Google Goggles, scanning a QR or barcode is already possible with Google Now.

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