Friday, January 3, 2014

Press Release: “Imagine life with Google Glass”

Google Glass explained with 123 applications and ideas
in words and pictures.

03/01/2014 - We are on the verge of a new digital breakthrough with the arrival of Google Glass. The Internet will undoubtedly be even more intertwined with our daily lives and our environment. But what does this really mean for us?

We can send e-mails, chat, surf, plan, and navigate phone with Google Glass. We can take photos and make videos, edit, view, publish and share them. And all this hands-free, retrievable via voice control and manageable with only a wink. But what does that really mean for us?

The inhabitant of Limburg (Belgium) Ivan Jans neatly summarizes it on his website www.imagine-with- He has tentatively composed 123 usable positive ideas for Google Glass of things that he has picked out of daily and business life. Every idea is equipped with the necessary explanation and a photo illustrating what our future will look like with Google Glass.

These 123 ideas are incorporated in a video on YouTube which shows the 'augmented reality' transparently emerging like a layer over the original photos. So the viewer gets a clear view of what he / she can expect from Google Glass.

These 123 potential applications (Apps) for Google Glass paint a more complete and clearer picture of what "augmented reality" will mean for young and old, healthy and sick, home and on the road, consumer and retail, managers and politicians, old media and new media, for the hospitality and advertising sector...
Here and there a corner of the veil of the (future) earnings from Google is lifted.

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