Friday, June 21, 2013

Publishing on the Internet (including SEO) with Google Glass

Imagine that you could add to your blog, website and social media via simple voice control. Updates would take place more frequently because it would be so easy.

Today, you can publish a message with Google Blogger via useful apps or email. I.e. a title, photo, text and possibly a video (via YouTube).

What your blog can do with this publication/ these publications:

  • Publish on your website via RSS feed,
  • Share with your social media such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn...
  • Integrate in a newsletter that is automatically sent to your contacts and those who have signed up through the website...

You find that with Google Glass, you can publish and communicate quickly with your friends, customers, followers, prospects, the press...

This will certainly have a positive impact on the ranking of your website, blog and social media in the Google search results.

The earnings of Google is still based on Google AdWords, keyword related text ads that appear

  • in the right column of the Google search results,
  • in websites of Google Adsense partners and
  • in the right column of Gmail.

and advertising in the form of banners on YouTube videos.

Google has everything to gain when created content is there to answer visitor’s questions typed into the search engine. Google wants people to continue to use Google as their search engine with the aim that the user clicks on a keyword related text ad.

With the launch of Google Glass, Google will not only provide the most user-friendly way to publish something on the internet, but the internet is going to be fed at a much faster pace with good, relevant and up-to-date content that can serve as an answer in the Google search results.

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