Friday, June 21, 2013

Ticket information for public transport with Google Glass

Imagine that with Google Glass you are able to

  • check the current schedule of public transport near you,
  • plan at a route by public transport any time,
  • order and pay for all tickets at once, and
  • be navigated from your current location to your destination.

This way, you can compare alternative route and transport methods to public transport distance in comfort, safety, price and duration. Transport companies will be informed of your choice.

They can get to work with these "results" to use the right resources at the right time in the most profitable way and report it this to the government.

The government should therefore always have the most recent figures available, as a result grants can be assigned more specifically and more affordable alternatives can be thought of.

From the moment that all orders and payments are handled online, there is no need for inspectors or conductors to disturb you during your trip. More attention could be paid to your comfort and safety again.

The first phase of this application is already noticeable in Google Now.


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